jeudi 13 août 2009

have fun…

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  1. Dear,
    I love your works: the colours and the original shapes. That's great!

    Let me tell you that I'm the creative director of a new user generated platform for icon designers, limited edition products and recycling clothes.

    we are still in the beta version but since now on shicon you can:

    1) Win €200,00 or £164.00 plus 100 shop credits when you win a contest, have your ArtDesign printed and your name displayed in our limited edition products. Create and submit your unique and original ArtDesign, share and spread your talent.

    2) Recycling clothes into new fashion style: have a look at our Re-Blog where you can find the first videos of how to create your own style with needle and thread. Create and submit your Recycling design style idea.

    3) Let us know what you think about website and our viral video

    we have just started with tees but in a few weeks will launch new products and contest by international brands.

    I hope to see your talent around.

    have a great life,